Gus Kenworthy Wins AFP Big Air World Championships

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 24, 2012 12:44 pm

Gus Kenworthy walked away the overall winner at the 2011/2012 AFP Big Air World Championships last weekend in Whistler.  Kai Mahler was ousted from his position at the top by Kenworthy’s switch double 1620.  He ended in 3rd overall.

It was a rough start for the big air master; he crashed on his first run of the two-run big air finals on Saturday. He brought his A-game in the second, and after a beautiful switch double cork—four and a half rotations—he secured his success. 

“I really liked the jump and the landing was super soft so I knew I wanted to throw that 16,” Kenworthy said. “The energy at tonight’s event was incredible. I was able to feed off that energy, do the best that I could and come up on top.”

Kenworthy has had a spectacular season, dropping switch triple 1440s to win the Jon Olsson Invitation and adding two a gold medal to his collection of accolades after his Whistler wins in both big air and slopestyle. 

With a grand total of 1100 points from the weekend, the eventual winner jumped from 3rd to 1st in the overall standings, knocking last year’s title-holder and point leader into bronze position.  Mahler placed 8th at Whistler. 

Bobby Brown also made a significant and admirable leap from 7th to finish in 2nd overall.