Sneak Preview: O’Neill Snow’s 60th Anniversary O’Riginals Collection

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 27, 2012 2:00 pm

We’ve come a long way in the realm of action sports equipment, but when it comes to mountain sports, there’s always a certain allure to the good ol’days. There’s nothing like digging through the closet and pulling out your grandpa’s bright red vintage one-piece. Sometimes elements of the past are the freshest things in the future, which is why its always important to occasionally take a step back, and see if there’s anything to be learned from our predecessors.

O’Neill continues to celebrate its 60th anniversary with an exciting new product offering for the 2012/2013 winter season. Their new O’Riginal’s line seeks to tap into the brand’s humble beginnings by utilizing the same classic materials employed back in the 1950′s!

You wouldn’t think of it in today’s post-neoprene age of surf and snow sports, but back in the day wool was the chief material used to keep skiers and surfers warm. ”Some guys wore wool sweaters in the water,” said Jack O’Neill. “There are stores about guys putting oil on their wool sweaters to repel water, but that doesn’t make sense. If you did that, it’d get all over your surfboard.”

Many of the O’Riginals Line jackets feature wool elements in a much more up-to-date, practical manner. After checking out some of the jackets in person at this year’s SIA Snow Show, the incorporation of wool elements is a surprisingly refreshing compliment to the vibrant colors and materials already utilized in the lines. In addition to the retro styling and materials, the new product line further showcases its heritage with O’Neill’s original graphics.

Following is a selection from this year’s O’Riginals Collection, which utilize these old school materials and styling. They’ll be available in the coming months, in time to get you looking your best for the next season. Check out O’Neill online to learn more about the company’s heritage and these great new outerwear options.