Woodbury Ski Area’s New Zipline Plan Approved

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 2, 2012 12:39 pm

The new zipline will system will include a 215-foot tandem zipline, a 125-foot intermediate zipline and a 75-foot junior zipline.

Everyone at the resort is psyched for the new additions. However, Sarah Shinn Pratt, the neighboring property owner is not as excited abou the new zipline — which is going to be built 50 feet away from her property line. She expressed a desire to keep the new structure out of her line of view.

In order to get the plan approved, Woodbury’s┬ámanagement┬áhad to agree to a number of conditions including no new lighting, hours not to exceed 8pm, zipline height under 35ft, removal of tennis and paddle courts, and all new construction must be within the setback.

With this decision, the Woodbury Ski Area has the green light to begin making preparations for the new additions. If all goes according to plan, visitors to the resort will get to take their first zipline rides by the start of the summer.