Entourage’s Adrian Grenier Founds Churchkey Can Co.

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 3, 2012 1:47 pm

There’s nothing like enjoying an ice cold beer while cruising up the mountain on a chairlift. Thanks to Adrian Grenier and his new company Churhkey Can Co., that experience has gotten even better! The Entourage star is taking a cue from his alter-ego Vince with his latest venture into the alcoholic beverages industry. Rather than heading south to embark upon a tequila operation, Adrian has opted to go north to Seattle to set-up a vintage style brewery operation. We all know that skiers and snowboarders love bringing back old school elements to their gear set-up. Now they can rip around in their neon one-piece suits, tossing back cold ones just like gran-dad used to!

Grenier, with the help of former Nike designer Justin Hawkins and two longtime home brewers to found Churchkey Can Co. The new company launched their first line of brews late last month and seek to capitalize on the nostalgia that surrounds older styles of beer cans. The name of the company is derived from the sharp-ended mid-century can opener called a churchkey. Prior to being replaced by modern day’s tabbed cans, these types of flat-topped steel cans were all the rage between 1930-1960.

“We are here to bring you a beer we are proud of, in a can we are honored to share,” said Co-founder and Creative Director Justin Hawkins. “It’s about the joy of drinking good beer – from the people you drink it with to where you drink it and, now, how you open it. We didn’t make these traditions, but are keeping them alive with Churchkey.”

These stylish steel cans contain a traditional-style Pilsner brewed by Portland-based home brewers Lucas Jones and Sean Burke. The first cans are already hitting the shelves of retailers and bars throughout Seattle and Portland. The new beer has already been very well-received, which means you could be seeing these bad boys in a lot more cities sooner than later.

 Check out the video below and head to www.ChurchkeyCanCo.com to learn more about the product!