Snowless Skiing: Aspen Mountain Joins to Participate in Climate Impacts Day

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 8, 2012 5:09 pm

Aspen Mountain joined over 1,000 other event organizers in 100 countries this past weekend to participate in Climate Impacts Day, an international day of climate awareness and celebrations organized by  Numerous sustainability leaders and passionate Coloradan’s assembled at the resort to “connect the dots” between climate change and extreme weather events. 

Climate Impacts Day - Peaceful Snow Protest

Aspen was the premier event for the state of Colorado, and drew a world-class line-up of featured speakers. Auden Schendler, VP of Sustainability for Aspen Skiing Company; Aspen Mayor, Mick Ireland; 11-year-old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of the Earth Guardians out of Boulder, Colo. and more.  

Climate Impacts Day - Aspen's Mayor, Mick Ireland

The mountain side event featured an art project that got the kids thinking about climate change early, a civil on-hill protest that symbolized snow, and a snowless ski race to demonstrate how terrible the future will be if the global community does not take action to address global warming.

Auden Schendler, VP of Sustainability, Aspen Skiing Company summarized the day, asking skiers and snowboarders to take action.

Climate Impacts Day - Auden Schendler, VP of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Co.

“So if there’s one thing you can do, you need to become a civic actor,” said Auden Schendler, VP of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company. ”One way you can do that is take the Protect Our Winters PowSeven pledge. Take that pledge and do what it says, don’t just sign it.”

Aspen Skiing Company has been dedicated to reducing its own carbon footprint for quite some time now. Company policy makers have created mechanisms to address and alleviate the ways in which the resort impacts the surrounding environment, and seek to address global climate change as a whole.   

Photography by Jeremy Swanson