Inspiring Adaptive Sports Film Launched by Kickstarter

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 11, 2012 3:30 pm

Four friends.  Two months.  One tricked-out mini-bus.  Thus is the life for the East Coast filmmakers behind the production of Endless Abilities, a film being made about the challenges disabled athletes go through to adapt and become active in the sports they love. 

The narrative of the story will revolve around Zachary Bastian, a wrestler and football athlete in high school who, eight years ago, became paralyzed from the waist down during his sophomore year.  His three friends will follow him, cameras in tow, as he drives across the country hoping to share the surf with a personal hero, Jesse Billauer, a professional quadriplegic surfer from Santa Monica.  Along the way, the crew will talk to able-bodied and disabled mountain bikers, climbers, skiers, surfers, sailors, and instructors, many of them former Paralympians.  From skiing superstars like Bode Miller, founder of the Turtle Ridge Foundation, to the newly disabled, Endless Abilities will capture a wide variety of outlooks on the subject. 

The crew is made up of three college students dedicated to both filmmaking and adaptive sports.

Will Humphrey, while not a disabled athlete, skied competitively in high school and studied adaptive mono-skiing in New Hampshire, committing to learn the sport forfeiting the use legs for a week.  He now studies recreational therapy at the University of New Hampshire. 

Harvey Burrell is a dedicated filmmaker, his projects taking him all over the world.  He is a co-founder of Wind Powered Productions and majors in Economics and Film Theory at Vanderbilt University.

And Tripp Clemens is other co-founder of Wind Powdered Productions with Burrell, his high school friend, and currently attends Emerson College for Film Production and Business.

Endless Abilities Crew

From L to R: Burwell, Clemens Humphrey, and Bastian (front)

Working on a total budget of $50,000, three-fifths of that coming from their Kickstarter campaign, Bastian and the crew have wrapped production near their homes on the Rhode Island and are now preparing to head off on the long road to California.  They have been working with the Institute of Human Centered Design to modify their mini-bus to include an editing desk, a cook station, equipment storage, and a work booth. And in just one day, they will begin their long-awaited journey.

The goal of the film is to empower those with disabilities and show how sports unite physically disabled with able-bodied, as everyone wants that perfect wave, fresh powder, and to enjoy feelings of challenge and accomplishment.  Their hope is to help newly disabled with the question of “What comes next?” 

These four guys aren’t from a major studio or production house but are a group of friends with a goal and the motivation to see it through to the very end.

For more information on their scheduled stops along the way, click here

Check out the trailer for Endless Abilities below!