All-Star Women’s U.S. Ski Team Implements Athlete-Focused Coaching

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 16, 2012 12:03 pm

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Just as the men’s team created the World Cup B program, the women’s U.S. Alpine Ski Team has followed suit by adding a multi discipline program with the goal of providing greater coaching focus to their highest performing athletes. Coaches Jeff Fergus and Chris Knight will lead a multi-discipline program that focuses on Olympic medalists Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso. Fergus will work directly with Vonn, while Knight will continue his coaching relationship with Mancuso.

“The shift in our women’s program is to make sure our top performing athletes continue to get exactly what they need to perform,” said Patrick Riml, Alpine Program Director. ”Chris [Knight] and Jeff [Fergus] worked well with this system last season and we saw a direct boost in Julia [Mancuso] and Lindsey’s [Vonn] performance. It’s their responsibility to put together plans that make sense for those athletes.”

Women’s Alpine Head Coach, Alex Hoedlmoser, added, “The multi program provides more freedom for Lindsey [Vonn] and Julia [Mancuso]. They are the best in the world and we want to keep them there. Now we have a plan and budget in place to make sure they get exactly what they need to stay on top.

The rest of the team top performers, including Stacey Cook, Leanne Smith, Alic McKennis and Laurenne Ross will continue to be led by Chip White. White was recently named Coach of the Year by the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association and International Alpine Coach of the year. Throughout the past two seasons, the women’s team has won the nation’s World Cup standings for downhill — he’ll be looking to continue the high level of success going into the next season of competition. Roland Pfeifer will return again to head up the technical program. His contributions to the team last season aided the World Cup podiums of Mikaela Shiffrin and Resi Stiegler.

“The experience and passion that both Chip [White] and Roland [Pfeifer] have for coaching directly translated into the success that those programs saw last season,” said Alex Hoedlmoser. “Now it’s up to them to keep those athletes performing and bring a few more along that are right on the cusp of success.”

The Europa Cup team and Development Teams will be training with Trevor Wagner, who will focus on speed disciplines, and Seth McCadam who will take on the technical side.

“The goal of our Europa Cup and Development teams is produce an environment that allows those athletes to climb the ladder faster,” explained Hoedlmoser. “What we’ve had at this level in the past was mediocre four event skiing from these athletes. What we hope to see with this shift is successful two event skiing.”

Here’s the full coaching staff:

Program Director: Patrick Riml
Head Coach: Alex Hoedlmoser

World Cup Speed 
Head Coach: Chip White
Assistant Coach: Andi Moser
Assistant Coach: Wade Bishop

World Cup Technical 
Head Coach: Roland Pfeifer
Assistant Coach: Pete Anderson

Multi Discipline
Coach: Jeff Fergus – Lindsey Vonn
Coach: Chris Knight – Julia Mancuso

Europa Cup 
Head Coach: Trevor Wagner
Assistant Coach: Jeff Pickering

Head Coach: Seth McCadam
Assistant Coach: Mike Prado