New iPhone Lens Captures Panoramic Views

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 16, 2012 6:07 pm

Anyone who has stood at the top of a mountain, snow-covered or not, has considered the possibilities when it comes to capturing the spectacular view in front of them.  Most people will never spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a professional camera with all the right lenses.  Not to mention the idea of hauling the pricey equipment up the mountain. Now, they won’t have to.  Meet Dot, an iPhone attachment from Kogeto that shoots 360-degree panoramic video from the palm of your hand. 

DotDot is a small, durable lens that easily snaps onto the iPhone 4 or 4S and records in HD footage directly to it once Looker, a free app, is installed.  When finished recording, the user can watch videos by swiping the screen to spin around or to switch to panoramic widescreen mode.  Looker allows the user to quickly share videos via email, Facebook, Twitter, or

Dot can be used on and off the slopes to get some sick footage.  Get a 360 shot of the crowd at a concert.  Or set it on the dash on a road trip.

The iCONIC lens works with the iPhone HD camera to capture video without stitching frames together. 

“It works as a unique catadioptric optical system and is fully AR-coated for excellent color fidelity in all environments,” Kogeto’s website says.

This innovative piece of equipment is lightweight and doesn’t require any type of battery or external power.  It comes in several different colors and includes a microfiber pouch that also acts as a lens cloth for $49.00.

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