Suunto Sports Watch Keeps Hikers Prepared

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 21, 2012 3:23 pm

Sport watches come with a variety of different functions, but few are so suitable for navigating in the wild.  The Suunto Core incorporates user-friendly features like an altimeter, a barometer, and a compass.  It comes in a variety of designs. 

Suunto Core Sports WatchPerfect for hiking, climbing and biking, the features aid in all outdoor pursuits.  The altimeter offers an altitude log memory and altitude difference measurement.  You can keep an eye on the sky using the barometer with a storm alarm and weather trend indicator. 

For those who are directionally-challenged, fear not.  Getting lost in the mountains shouldn’t be a problem with a high-tech compass incorporated into the design.  It has semi-automatic calibration and digital bearing and will get you home safely. 

Pacing yourself is also made simple with this watch, allowing you to set a reference point and the altitude, start the altitude difference measurer, and heading up the hills.  Then, a quick glance at the watch will show you exactly how far from the summit you are. 

Another nice feature the Suunto Core offers is time of sunrise and sunset.  There are over 400 locations stored into the watch at which sunrise and sunset can be determined. It’s very practical feature that is bound to save many hikers and campers the frustration of setting up camp too late and getting stuck in the dark.  No one likes pitching a tent or building a fire by moonlight.

Non-native english speakers or bilingual wearers have the option of picking their language, too.  The menu-based user interface can be changed between English, German, French, and Spanish. 

Click here for a full list of specs.  Models range from $299 to $500 and are available on the Suunto website.

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