To Beard or Not to Beard: A Trendy New Way to Stay Warm

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 21, 2012 4:40 pm

Looking for some sweet new face coverage to hit the slopes with next season?  Check out these bearded face masks and balaclavas!  From mountain man to Santa Claus to Zac Brown lookalikes, these are some slope standouts:

Beardski and Amazon Face Warmers

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Beardskis come in multiple styles and are fully insulated with a neoprene lining and woven thermal fleece.  In other words, it is as warm as it looks.  If you’ve ever wanted to look like a full-fledged mountain man, this is your chance.  Anyone incognito?  You could fool your own mother in this thing and a pair of goggles. 

Owning one of these husky face warmers seems to bring people together in the online community Beardski has created.  Wearers post pictures of themselves and their friends wearing the beard, and it’s not just on the slopes.  Every bit as much as a fashion statement, there are pictures of people by the pool, at football games, and on the golf course.

For a more casual, pulled-together look, this Amazon find is a crocheted wonder.   If you’re going for more beach bum and less yeti, this is a nice alternative to the Beardski. It’s the ultimate “Thinker’s Beard” as you can see in the photo.

Beardhead Balaclavas

The Viking Edition Beard from BeardHeads is 70% acrylic and 30% wool option.  For added style, the classic ‘stache can easily be interchanged with Fu Manchu, Mario, or Walrus add-ons.  This style, unlike the Beardski, is a balaclava and covers your entire head.  No beanie is necessary when wearing the Viking.

BeardHead has also recently put an awesome new Santa Claus version on the market.  Made of the same material as its sister style, it makes an excellent holiday choice.  

All of these options are both practical and classy.  Bearded balaclavas are an excellent way to keep your face toasty and test out potential beard types for both the clean-shaven and the already-bearded. The next time you pull out the skis or snowboard, wear something unique.  Your friends will thank you when they see that impressive red beard you’re rocking and know that you’re right behind them.  Be bold.  Embrace the beard.