Body of Missing Skydiver Found in Waters of Lake Tahoe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 22, 2012 6:02 pm

A routine skydiving trip ended in tragedy today after a male skydiver lost his life in the waters of Lake Tahoe. The group consisting of three skydivers performed a jump from a helicopter at around 8am on Tuesday morning. El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies informed the Tahoe Daily Tribune that two of the skydivers landed in the water near Pope Beach, while a third landed on the beach. Upon making the realization that only one of the two men made it out of the water, police and rescue crews were alerted and set out in full force to recover the missing skydiver.

After nearly four hours of search efforts, the rescue dive team members managed to recover the man’s body shortly after noon. The deceased victim was found in an area between Camp Richardson and Pope Beach in 15 feet of water.

Lt. Pete Van Arnum detailed that the deceased skydivers’ parachutes had successfully deployed, however at this time it remains unclear as to why he was unable to make it safely to shore. The victim’s identity has yet to be released.

More on this story as additional details are released.