Dot Ski North America and Starting Dot to Bring .ski Domains to the Internet in 2013

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 23, 2012 1:18 pm

There are few things more obnoxious than going to a domain name that you think is one thing, and then realizing that it is something completely different or spam. It is an unfortunate reality, but during the early days of the Internet, most individuals and brands failed to recognize the value in obtaining their ideal .com domain names ahead of time. It’s even more unfortunate that some individuals DID make this connection early on, and have created a business out of squatting on key domains. 

For those in the snow sports community that missed out on the initial .com rush, there is some incredibly exciting news coming out of Paris, France today. Starting Dot, a company that specializes in the domain registry business has announced its intention to become the official registry of the new .ski (Dot Ski) top-level domain names. We’ve already seen the introduction of .tv domain names for online television services, and of course the ever-popular .xxx domains for porn websites. With 61% of registrants not actually belonging to the proper resort and a majority of Olympic athletes lacking ownership of their domain, the introduction of .ski domains is poised to present an unprecedented opportunity for the snow sports industry.

Starting Dot details that their mission is to bring new online opportunities to ski sports communities, participants, business owners and brands through this dedicated top-level domain name extension. The hope is that this opportunity will afford the global ski sports industry a tool to provide trusted and safe domains for snow sports enthusiasts. To get in this position, Starting Dot has partnered with Adrenaline TLD, which has been instrumental in promoting the initiative to establish specialized domain name extensions for the action sports community. For the past two years, Adrenaline TLD has lobbied to create domains for the major action sports disciplines including .ski, .skate, .board and .bike

On their website Adrenaline TLD founder Robert Rozicki states, “Today is a huge day for Adrenaline Top Level Domains. Over two years ago we started the journey of bringing the action sports world their very own domain name extensions. Our mission was to expand actions sports “one Adrenaline TLD at a time” by helping people who love actions sports share their passion, companies that make action sports possible to grow an online presence and brands to connect with their communities.”

“Rob has been the .ski pioneer with Adrenaline TLD and we are very proud to have him bringing .ski to the ski and domain registrar community in North America” explained Starting Dot CEO, Godefroy Jordan.

At this time Starting Dot and Adrenaline TLD have filed their appreciation to ICANN for the .ski domain only. During this approval process, both companies are busy promoting this initiative to bring the .ski domain online for 2013. Adrenaline TLD has even gone so far as to change its name, and will now be known as Dot Ski North America. After the application process concludes for .ski, the company plans to investigate bringing additional domains into the next round of applications.

There are a number of action sports entities supporting the work of Dot Ski North America and Starting Dot, including the Ski Areas of France (SNTF), the General Counsel of Savoy, Tignes Ski Resort and Olympic Gold Medalist Antoine Deneriaz.

If all goes according to plan, we can expect to see these new .ski domains rolling out in 2013. Individuals within the snow sports community are encouraged to visit to receive information on securing their very own .ski domain name and to help spread the word throughout the action sports community.