Ego-Kits Free Mountain Bikers From the Beaten Path

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 23, 2012 7:22 pm

Give your bike a boost this summer, and try adding a battery!  Ego-Kits give you the freedom to go to all the places the lifts don’t reach.  Just you and your bike.  No shuttles necessary. 

Ego-Kits is a European company founded by six professionals with years of experience in the extreme mountain sports industry with expertise in design and construction from the automotive industry.  Frustrated with having to walk up the mountain or be confined to areas with a lift or paths for a shuttle, the founders came up with a better idea–a small, lightweight, maintenance-free electric motor that riders could use to quickly ride back up to the top of the most remote of the remote with nothing but their own bike.  It can also be used going downhill to intensify extreme riding potential.

Ego-Kits fit the average bike and won’t change the handling characteristics or suspension in the slightest.  And durability is not a concern.  You can take it off jumps and drops without any worries of destroying the motor.  With this setup, you can climb inclines beyond 40 degrees.  To pull yourself up even steeper terrain, it is as simple as assisting the motor by pedaling.  With practice and the right conditions, riders have mastered 80% inclines.

The battery comes in a backpack and only takes and hour and a half to charge to full capacity.  With 2500 Watts at maximum power, the EGO-Kit is one of the most powerful kits of its kind!  The accelerator fits easily onto the handlebars, integrating itself into the gear shifters, and features a battery indicator to keep the rider aware of their charge. 

Who says riding uphill can’t be fun?  Bikes can go up to 43mph with the kit depending on the bike setup and the incline.  

The suggested retail value for this spiffy setup is $2,999 USD, including the backpack for the battery. 

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