Fohawx: The New Meaning of Helmet Hair

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 30, 2012 12:50 pm

Fohawx are making helmets cool.  It’s simple.  As adults, we see the practicality in taking precautions.  Kids are looking to add some style to their workout wardrobe.  And Fohawx does just that.

Fohawx is a helmet accessory company founded by a mom, Jocelyn Fine, trying to get her 7-year-old to wear his bike helmet when he didn’t think it was cool.  His older sister glued some paper down the middle of it, and when he picked it up and put it on, a company was born.  Fine, formerly on the business development team at Toys R Us, enlisted the help of interior designer Kelly Dineen, and the two friends are have quickly built their reputation outside of their home base in Bayonne, NJ. 

The resulting products are various types of colorful mohawks and dreadlocks that Velcro directly to any type of helmet.  From skiing to mountain biking to skateboarding, these EVA foam helmet decorations are for any sport and won’t ruin the helmet should you decide to remove it. 

While the company is aimed at getting kids excited about wearing safety gear, Fohawx can fit helmets of any size or shape and sell for $19.99.  So if you want to channel Glenn Plake but aren’t quite ready to commit, try Fohawx

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