Treble Cone Displays Revamped Trail Map

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 31, 2012 2:30 am

With the Winter Season underway and the Mountain just a month away from being open to the public, Treble Cone looks to show off it’s new and improved Trail Map.

The new map shows off the South Island’s largest resort at 550 hectares (1359 acres). 

It helps skiers and snowboarders visualize the mountain with it’s new trail grading scale and includes areas not previously shown.

Only the groomed trails are now marked on the map and identified with boundaries outlined and named to give skiers freedom to choose their own trails.

Also, the Motatapu Chutes have been mapped on Treble Cone’s Saddle Basin. The map sits within the inbound fences, but was never on the map. Now being on the map, it will give advanced skiers and snowboarders the opportunity to enjoy the area. 

Treble Cone Motatapu Basin trail map

The new run grading is in line with international standards of green, blue, red, and black to give riders differentiation. The addition of the red marking are for people more advanced than intermediate blue runs, but not quite ready for the expert black trails. 

The new trail map should be very helpful in showing the difference of trails for the variety of skiers and snowboarders.

“Our slopes are vast and varied and we needed to better define the competence levels of our trails, Treble Cone ski area manager Jackie van der Voort said. “Whether are guests are looking for the adventure of off-piste, riding the powder in the chutes or cruising on groomed trails the new map will be a more effective guide for them”.

Treble Cone will open on June 28 with a scheduled closing day of September 30.