End of Season Ski Maintenance

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 1, 2012 10:39 am

With the last patches of snow melting down the mountain, unfortunately, the time of year has come to move the skis up to the attic and bring out the mountain bike and surf board. As eager as you may be to get started with your summer adventures, it is important to properly store your ski or snowboard gear. Failing to do so can cause damage to your skis as well as your wallet in future ski seasons.
The most critical part of your end of season ski maintenance is to dry off your skis. Wipe down your skis and poles with an old rag or towel, paying special attention to the edges and bindings. This prevents your skis from rust damage and corrosion. If you are particularly motivated, you might even remove your bindings to make sure it is dry everywhere.

It is also helpful to give your skis one last tuning before packing them away for the season. Either you can pay a lot of money taking your skis to a professional or you can tune them yourself. To do this you should first use a coarse nylon or bronze ski brush to remove any excess wax or dirt from your bases, always brushing from the ski’s tip to tail. Then, with an iron, wax your ski bases with warm-temperature weather wax, spreading the wax on smoothly. Leave the wax on your skis till next season. This will hydrate the bases of your skis so that when you scrape and brush off the wax next season your skis will be fresh and good to go. This also prevents any P-tex that might be on your bases from drying out and flaking off in the future.

Finally, buckle all of your boot buckles as well as wash and dry your ski jacket and pants. Be sure to store all of your gear in a safe and dry location.

Taking these precautions before storing your skis for the summer will save you from extra ski maintenance next winter, help avoid damage to your skis in the years to come, and ensure you a smooth ride. The next ski season is just around the corner, but for now enjoy the sunny weather and green mountains!