Aerial Adventure Park almost ready at Bromley Mountain

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 4, 2012 3:10 pm

Bromley Mountain adds fun in the summer time at new heights. 

On June 15, Bromley Mountain opens Vermont’s first Aerial Adventure Park. 

It is a $500,000, 5-acre, 60-element Aerial Adventure Park.

“I’d say that the Aerial Adventure Park is a signal to our guests that we are committed to enhancing their experiences here at Bromley, whatever the season,” Bromley Mountain General Manager Bill Cairns said. 

The Adventure Park will have five different courses with four levels. Each course has “bridges” between tree platforms made of rope, cable and wood configurations that cause challenges for attendees.

Bromley Mountain Aerial Adventure Park- Pic2

“It’s basically a two-hour challenge, both physical and mental, with folks going tree to tree, on cables, in a safety harness, at varying heights depending upon the course’s difficulty level – there’ll be four levels of difficulty and five courses,” Cairns said. “Now, in between those trees you’ll have to deal with rope ladders, floating planks, zip lines, rolling barrels, net walls… all kinds of interesting obstacles.”

Bromley Mountain just released ticket prices for the Aerial Adventure Park.

“Tickets to the Aerial Adventure Park will be $39 per person, ages 7 and up, and that will give you two hours, after going through ‘Ground School,’ to complete your course,” Bromley’s Marketing Director Michael van Eyck said. “We’ll also offer a Combo Pass, good for the Aerial Adventure Park plus all day at the Mountain Adventure Park, for $59.”

 The park should mix nature and fun with courses that take you right through the Vermont woods.

The Aerial Adventure Park should add a different element to Bromley Mountain’s Summer activities.