Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy II vs Tecnica Moon Boots

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 7, 2012 6:19 pm

Kanye West has done it again. The outspoken musician has released his special form of chaos upon the international community with the June 9th release of his signature shoe, the Nike Air Yeezy II. Fortunately, this incident won’t be at the expense of any world leaders or tween pop stars, but for some it could prove very, very expensive.

The Air Yeezy II is the highly anticipated follow-up to the Air Yeezy I, the blockbuster kicks of 2009. The 2012 signature series is said to be crafted with high quality materials, resulting in a designer shoe worthy of being sought after, regardless of your opinion on the controversial entertainer. Nike Stores and shoe retailers already have massive lines forming with consumers eagerly waiting their turn to drop $245 for their chance to adorn their feet with Air Yeezies. These shoes are going to go down in shoe-craze history, joining the ranks of December’s release of the classic Air Jordan and the Marty McFly shoes last fall. Some shoe-lovers are taking the level of frenzy to incomprehensible heights, far exceeding the simple act of camping out in front of a Nike Store sidewalk. On Wednesday the 7th, one pair of shoes ordered through pre-sale was quickly re-sold on eBay for $90,300, with others still going for $6,000+!!!

To be honest, as skiers and snowboarders, we’re not all that stoked with the Air Yeezy II. Imagine rolling up to your favorite mountain’s bar for some après ski action while rocking a pair of these things — you’d get laughed out of the lodge! Nope not happening to us! We like to wear more respectable footwear when setting out to impress our fellow resort-goers. After a long day of shredding the gnar, there’s nothing better than tearing off those constricting ski and snowboard boots and slipping our feet into a pair of Tecnica Moon Boots! Moon Boots are the original, Italian designed, après ski footwear first crafted in the early 70s. For over thirty years, Tecnica’s footwear has kept mountain-goer’s toes warm and toasty while providing a level of luxurious comfort demanded by savvy footwear fashionistas around the world.

Does that mean we love Kanye West any less? Of course not! We just know enough to appreciate the genius of his music, while acknowledging that any other life experiences influenced by Mr. Yeezy are to be taken with a grain of salt. Who are you going to trust, a thirty four year old rapper that that has been telling us how great he is for the past 10 years, or a product that has been proving its greatness for over 42? We’ll leave that question for you to answer, because in the end — it’s your money. But answer us this, would you rather see Kim Kardashian prancing around Aspen in a sexy outfit sporting a pair of Tecnica Moon Boots or Nike Air Yeezy II’s?

 Check out this video below as Tom Berry, Tecnica’s VP of Global Sales and all around awesome character  guides us through the new product line and explains why Tecnica’s Moonboots are the ultimate fashion accessory.