Olympic Skier Jeremy Bloom Appears on Fox’s New Dating Show ‘The Choice’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 8, 2012 4:17 pm

On Thursday Fox debuted its newest dating show called The Choice. Olympic skier and World Cup champion Jeremy Bloom was a member on the first episode’s panel of male judges. The summer series borrows key elements made popular on NBC’s talent show The Voice. Instead of the chairs being occupied by Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Cee-Lo notable celebrities looking to score a hot date filled them. Bloom was joined by The Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D, rapper Romeo (formerly Li’l) and Days of Our Lives actor Jason Cook.

The Choice - Jeremy Bloom pulling the handle

The show was strangely addicting, and quickly dashed any hopes of channel surfing to find something better on. The first round utilized the spinning chair gimmick to force the guys to choose their three “team members” using only the sound of the girl’s voices, their self-description and the number of “whoo-hoos” coming from the audience members. If more than three of the judges pulled the handle to spin their chairs around, the female contestant got to decide which of the judges’ teams she wanted to be on — which definitely added to the show’s entertainment. During round two, the guys exchanged rapid-fire questions with each of their teammates, before eliminating one. This was funny because at this point the decisions were clearly dependent on hotness. The final round was decided by one final question posed by each of the judges to their remaining two choices — again, it really came down to hotness.

The Choice - Jeremy Bloom's and blonde chick

Jeremy Bloom ended up choosing a cute blonde girl, in case you were wondering.

The Choice - Jeremy Bloom's blonde chick


To find out how Jeremy’s date with Rachael went, we’ll have to tune in next Thursday, at 9pm on Fox! Word on the street is that two-time Olympic snowboard champion Seth Wescott is slated to appear in an upcoming episode.