Endless Abilities: The Road to L.A.

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 11, 2012 4:00 pm

The Endless Abilities crew has been on the road since May 12, about one month, and thanks to some creative thinking on the filmmakers’ parts, The Ski Channel has been able to track their progress as they make their way to the Pacific Ocean. 

Their cross-country road trip would make any outdoorsman—or woman—jealous.  Here is the tentative schedule they made before they left:

Pennsylvania – Motocross

Chicago – Road Racing

Denver – White Water Rafting

Salt Lake City – Mountain Biking

Yosemite – Mountain Climbing

San Francisco – Skydiving

Los Angeles – Surfing

Today, the group has landed in Santa Cruz, CA and is making their way south.  They’re planning on arriving in Los Angeles on June 20.  Open to try just about anything, the crew has left some flexibility in their plan asked for supporters along the way to show them their sport.  The response has been overwhelming. 

The team funded the film by a variety of different fundraising as well as a $10,000 grant from Hartford Insurance Company when they were chosen as one of three finalists still in the running for the grand prize of two tickets to the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.  The winner was announced last week.  Unfortunately, Endless Abilities didn’t win, but the crew left the following message on their Facebook wall on Friday: Congrats to Greg Damerow for winning the hartford’s Paralympic trip for two!  At the end of the day we are all on the same team. It is great to see how enthused people are about disability sport.

Below are the first two “making of” videos the crew has put together to document their trip. The first is from their time in the East, and the second is from the Midwest.

Sticking together through blown tires in Illinois to hail in Colorado, it has certainly been an exciting journey.  Utah, in particular, held all sorts of misadventure.  Gas stations in the wide expanses of the west are often few and far between, a fact that posed a problem for the crew when they ran out of fuel in the salt flats and had to walk to the next place with pumps.  A few days later, their trusty van got stuck on the side of the road when they were trying to maneuver themselves into the best spot to shoot a sunrise near Maob, UT.  They’ve also driven hundreds of miles out of the way to meet someone only to miss her due to complications with her flights.  

In the end, the triumphant moments have far outweighed the rough times.  Like when they were invited to stay along the way with complete strangers who opened their homes simply because they were strong supporters of the project.  Or when they an onlooker to tears as they carried Zac Bastian, the paralyzed subject of the documentary, up the last 200 steps to the top of a rock in the Arches National Park in Utah.  In a message Zac wrote on the film’s Facebook page, he describes his friendship with the three filmmakers, Trip, Harvey, and Will, as a brotherhood.  We look forward to meeting up with the group of friends when they make it to Los Angeles.  This is a trip of a lifetime that will inspire people for many years to come.

To keep tabs on their trip, check out their Facebook page.  And don’t forget to check out our interview with Harvey Burrell before they hit the road!