We Can Dig It: The Art of Digglering

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 12, 2012 3:18 am

The snow is melting, dripping down the mountain like the tears on your cheek. No more skiing for a solid five months. We know it’s hard, and unless you can afford a plane ticket to New Zealand, you’re stuck waiting it out. The wait doesn’t have to be so brutal though.   One way to appease your mountain mania is to Diggler- a verb not yet featured in the Webster Dictionary, but certainly in ours. The Diggler is “The Original Mountain Scooter.” Bold, we know. Adventurous, you bet. The Diggler is certainly an interesting choice.  We all had Razor Scooters growing up. Most of us still have scars from trying to swing a 360 with the base, then land it – which of course never worked, but had a great way of nailing you in the ankle. Severe pain- but most of us tried again the next day. Many of us enjoyed sprained wrists from hitting that one small rock in the drive way and rolling over the handlebars.  I definitely remember the day my dad borrowed my scooter.  He immediately did this after one good kick. The Diggler is great because if offers a whole new way of hurting yourself.   It combines mountain biking with scootering- something most would agree should never be done- however, we like it. How could you not enjoy a sport so unique?  Some mountain resorts offer Digglers as the alternate to mountain biking. I Digglered at Sandpoint Idaho’s Schweitzer Mountain during the summer months. It was crazy to scooter down a mountain, even if your scooter has mountain tires and bike breaks.  If you get the chance, definitely give it a try, because it is an experience all its own! 

Photos Courtesy of Diggler.