Eating Crickets and Saving the World: We Like Chapul Bars

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 13, 2012 3:33 am

Chapul Bars

Would you consider eating insects?  Most would, but Americans are not among this majority.  There is a powerful stigma against these creepy, crawly creatures that is upheld through social norms and shows like Fear Factor, which force contestants to endure the horrors of consuming bugs.  Insects are not always portrayed as gross, like in the case of butterflies, but regardless, they are rarely portrayed as edible. But, here’s the thing- they are edible, and not only that, they should be eaten.  We have all heard the classic, “These are a delicacy in some countries” line, but I’m going beyond that claim. I’m claiming that eating bugs should be more than an obscure delicacy or a Reality TV dare. Bugs should be consumed, as a normal part of our diets.  What do recycling, spending less time in the shower, turning the lights off when you leave the house, and eating insects have in common? They all contribute to a healthier planet.  Insects require much less agricultural land to produce than livestock, can reduce the massive amount of water used to irrigate farms, as well as provide a multitude of other significant benefits, as discussed by Marcel Dicke in a Ted Talk titled, “Why not eat insects?”

Callan C.S

Hopefully Dicke and I have convinced you that insects are where it’s at, so where can you find yourself some tasty, protein-rich bugs? Check out this sick new product- Chapul: The Original Cricket Bar. These guys, led by founder Pat Crowley, are just starting out with their all-natural protein bars- deriving the protein from crickets.  This product is revolutionary. It is more than an interesting snack. It is a movement towards an energy-efficient protein source and water conservation.  Next time you hit the mountain, drop the five-hour energy and try something totally cool and different- a cricket bar.

They premiered their product for the first time at the LA bug Fair on May 19th. We were excited by the revolution, but even we can’t escape the “bugs are gross, so don’t eat them” stigma.  We cringed a little as our samples neared our mouths, but no cringing necessary. These bars were good, really good.  Bugs have never been so scrumptious.

Support Pat in his worthy cause. Olympic snowboarder, Callan Chythlook Sifsof, does. Her support means a lot, but so does yours. To get in on the movement, like Chapul on Facebook or register as a revolutionary on their webpage. Whether you’re down to save the planet, need some energy for your next mountain biking trip, or want to check out a cool new taste sensation, Chapul is your product! Get stoked, friends; we are!


Images Courtesy of Chapul Facebook Page.