Plans For Snowboard Film Festival Unveiled In France

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 15, 2012 3:00 pm

The Reels Snowboard Festival LogoThe organizers of The Reels have dedicated their lives to snowboarding and the culture and lifestyle around it.  And now, they’ve created an event for everyone that loves the sport as much as they do.  The Reels Snowboard Film Festival will be hosted in Annecy, France September 21-23, 2012. 

This festival celebrates snowboarding as an art.  With the release of films like Red Bull’s The Art Of Flight, the limits of the medium and the sport are constantly evolving. 

Around $370,000 has been dropped for the event—this isn’t just another labor of love festival.  Athletes, directors, producers, industry leaders, and fans will screen 30 never-before-seen snowboarding films.  In an effort to assist newcomers, the festival will play amateurs’ films on the same bills as those with decades of experience, sitting at the top of their game.  All thirty of the films will be up for one of the ten “Golden Reel” titles chosen by five riding legends—Peter Line, Nico Droz, David Benedek, Ingemar Backma, and Eddie Wall.  The winners will be shown on the “oldies” screen.

Annecy is a stunning location for the event, often called the “Venice of the Alps” because of the waterways that run through the old town.  If watching the films isn’t enough inspiration to pick up a board, look outside.  The town is surrounded by beckoning mountains and sits on a beautiful lake.  And the 1,350 square-meter skate park will hosts Pro-riders throughout the weekend, giving fans an up close look at some serious skill; a skateboarding contest will be held on a ramp built near the theater and will be judged by members of DC’s Skate Team.

Don’t miss out on signing sessions, art exhibitions, “Golden Reels” awards ceremony, brand exhibits (DC, Dupraz, VZ, Billabong, Arnette, etc), and a Burton-sponsored introduction to snowboarding for kids under 10!

Making a snowboarding movie is a huge undertaking.  The lengths athletes go through.  The endless riding.  Hours upon hours of footage to pick through.  This festival is a tribute to the filmmakers and riders who painstakingly create the fantastic films and stories we love so much.  Their fan base goes beyond those with season passes and Ski Channel lovers.  Everyone can appreciate the level of skill both artist and subject must have to complete such films.

Tickets may be purchased at the door or online at on, and It costs 10 Euros (about $12.50) for each screening, three movies.  Passes for various concerts and parties throughout the weekend will also be offered.

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