Mammoth Announces June Mountain’s Closure (A Snowskater’s Perspective)

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 22, 2012 11:59 am

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort announced yesterday that June Mountain (owned by Mammoth) will be closed for the upcoming 2012/2013 winter season. June Mountain has served as a great escape from the corporate culture that is prevalent at Mammoth Mountain and, for that reason, it was a local’s favorite.

There has been an intense public outcry at the news of June’s closure. On Mammoth’s Facebook status announcing the news, they received more than 240 comments in opposition, and a Facebook Page has been created to “Save June Mountain.”

June’s closure is a huge loss for locals in the area, and it is also a loss for snowskaters. Snowskaters have been restricted from riding at Mammoth Mountain, but always referred to June Mountain which does allow snowskaters.

This policy mirrored their policies regarding snowboarders in the late 1980s. At the time, Mammoth said that they were “testing snowboarders” at June Mountain. Once snowboarders had proven themselves to be well-behaved and safe, they would be allowed at Mammoth. Imagine if June Mountain was shut down in the middle of this “test.” Would snowboarders still be restricted from Mammoth? I wouldn’t be surprised.

So, my question is for Mammoth: When I come up to the ticket window next season with my snowskate, and you have no place to tell me I can ride, are you just going to refuse my money even though the reason you say you shut down June Mountain was financially based?

If so, I think I’ll still make the drive, because that is just plain silly, and it’s bound to be a hilarious, albeit, painful conversation.