Mammoth-Owned June Mountain Closes For Summer & 2012-2013 Winter Season

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 22, 2012 1:47 pm

Mammoth Mountain has shocked the snow sports industry with the unexpected announcement that their sister resort, June Mountain, located just a few miles up the street, will cease all operations for the summer and 2012-2013 winter season. 

Purchased back in 1986 with the hopes of increasing Mammoth’s ski areas along the San Joaquin Ridge, June Mountain has fallen short of its expectations requiring financial subsidy from Mammoth annually. Due to its lackluster annual revenue and a presumably unchanging future, Mammoth has decided to close the mountain in order to fully focus on developing a more successful future for June Mountain.  

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Chairman and CEO Rusty Gregory stated, “June has operated at an annual deficit each year since its purchase in 1986. It is time to invest some of this subsidy into the analysis and planning required to position the resort for a sustainable future, then secure the approvals and financing required to create it.”

Throughout this reevaluation, Mammoth will examine June’s year around workforce and try their best to relocate as many workers as possible.  Apart from June’s closure, Mammoth will continue to offer all other summer and winter activities for locals and visitors to the region.

Skiers and snowboarders across the nation have taken to June Mountain’s Facebook page to express their disappointment and anger with Mammoth’s decision. 75% of June’s workforce will be immediately laid off, adding to the buzz about the closure. This last minute decision shocked the many June Mountain lovers, who were preparing for the highly publicized June 21 summer opening.