Recon Wins Again!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 22, 2012 5:33 pm

Eat your heart out, Google Glass!  The BC Technology Industry Association handed Recon Instruments the Technology Impact Award for Excellence in Product Innovation 2012 for their groundbreaking head-up display for ski and snowboard goggles. 

Recon Instruments CEO, Dan Eisenhardt said, “To win this prestigious award amongst our peers, which include technology companies of all sizes, from every sector, is a remarkable achievement. It further affirms Recon Instruments leading presence not only in British Columbia, but also around the world, as a cutting edge technology company”.  

“Having started-up out of the University of British Columbia, it is a nice feeling to be further recognized here in Vancouver,” Eisenhardt added. 

MOD Live is the world’s first Heads-up Display (HUD) for alpine goggles.  MOD, which stands for Micro Optics Display, presents skiers and snowboarders wearing the device with real-time information on a small screen clipped into the bottom right of their goggles.  Information including jump analytics, navigation, speed, buddy tracking, Smartphone connectivity, temperature, and music playlists can be see at any time when out on the slopes.   The company hopes to implement similar technology in sunglasses in the near future.

This is not the first award the new technology has earned the forward-thinking company.  The 2012 Edison Award was sent their way as well for excellence in business and innovation.  The idea has bolstered loads of attention from everyone in the snow sports and technology industries.

The Ski Channel staff had the pleasure is trying out MOD Live in a pair of goggles at Mammoth in April and had a blast.  The goggles are paired with an easy-to-use wristband that allows the user to navigate the menus.  It’s all very James Bond-esque–though if 007 had MOD Live during the famous ski chase down the Schilthorn, it might have been over much faster.  The onboard trail maps are great.  And better yet, the MOD Live’s HUD screen becomes a viewfinder when paired with a Contour action camera.  It’s great to know what you’re shooting before you go home and find out you missed a shot of the best jump of the day!

Grab a pair for yourself at most major sports retailers or online at for $399.99.