Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Plans Deer Valley Retreat

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 26, 2012 1:43 pm

The 2012 Presidential Election is on the horizon, and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has been front and center in the GOP spotlight. One of the most recent stories surrounding the Massachusetts native is Romney’s plan to have a Republican Party “Victory Retreat”  at ultra elite ski resort Deer Valley, Utah this upcoming weekend. The guest list includes donors within the right-wing elite, including some of the wealthiest individuals in our nation.

With an endless amount of awesome activities to take part in at Deer Valley, it’s no wonder Romney and his posse have chosen it as their kick-back destination. Whether it be mountain biking down the ultra scenic mountains, hiking in deep woods trails, or checking out a concert at the outdoor amphitheater, Mitt and the boys are sure to find something at Deer Valley that tickles their conservative fancy. Deer Valley’s summer activities also include horseback riding, golfing, fly fishing, rafting, hot air ballooning, boating, and BBQ’ing. In such a busy, nerve-racking time for politicians, these activities are the perfect opportunity for these GOPers to hop off the elephant for a brief reprieve.

The reason everyone is up in arms, as you will see in the video, is Romney’s plan to hang out at Deer Valley with Super PAC all stars (PACs are political action committees). By law, Romney is not allowed to ‘coordinate’ with any PACs, no exceptions. However, what we find is that there is no law against Mitt being able to share a beer with them, so the Deer Valley Republican Retreat lives on.