North America’s Next Vi Fitness Model–Vote for Ski Instructor Meagan Jones

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 27, 2012 12:11 pm

From June 21st – June 30th, the voting for the next North American Vi Model will be taking place at If you are going to vote, why not place your tally for a gorgeous skiing instructor from Whistler British, Columbia? 

Meagan Jones of Whistler took her athleticism as a skiing instructor to a whole new level when she decided to compete for the title of North America’s Next Vi Model. Clearly, Meagan’s hard work has paid off. Vote here for Meagan and help her towards achieving her goal!

Here’s a quick bio Meagan has shared with us:

Meagan has been a ski instructor/coach for 13 years now. She was based out in the Rockies for three years, then moved to Mammoth, California for the next nine years. Just last year she moved to Whistler, BC, and now works for a company called Extremely Canadian–they specialize in extreme and off piste ski clinics and camps. 
The Vi-Model contest is for a nutrition company called ViSalus (known for the 90 day health challenge) – they’re the fastest growing health and wellness platform in North America.  They are looking for the next real athlete to be the face of the challenge.  Most people who join the challenge have a weight loss goal – this contest is for athletes and fitness professionals who are using the 90 day challenge toward a fitness based goal–something Meagan is truly passionate about.  
“I’ve always been about “going for it!”… I didn’t start skiing until I was 20… but I went on my first heli ski trip 3 weeks after I learned how to ski” Meagan tells us here at The Ski Channel. “Now I LOVE sharing my passion for the mountains and skiing with people everyday, whether I’m on Whistler Blackcomb, Mammoth or somewhere in the southern hemisphere. Skiing is my life and living in the mountains is a gift!  I’m approaching my 33rd birthday, and I really want to make health a priority… getting into the best shape of my skiing career is my goal.”
Meagan went on to share her own personal feelings on being fit in the sport of skiing. “Sometimes it’s easy to hide under ski clothes and make up in skill, what you lack in fitness (especially in skiing) – I didn’t want to do that anymore.  People need to vote for a “real” girl… a “skier” an “outdoor enthusiast” – somebody who balances a healthy life and fitness regime with the reality “ski town culture”… You can have everything in life in moderation… and ‘sometimes that’s a cold beer and nachos in the GLC after an epic powder day! *GLC Girabaldi Lift Co… local Whistler village bar.”
Good luck to Meagan in the upcoming event, she definitely has what it takes to win! There is only a few days of voting left, so take a few seconds out to vote and help out Meagan towards becoming North America’s Next Vi model at
Photo Credit to Rebecca Garrett for the Vi Model shots and Eric Berger of Whistler for the skiing shots.