Recon Instruments Heads-Up Display About to Get Even Better

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 27, 2012 2:50 pm

Recon HUD SDKRecon Instruments has taken home some of the most prestigious awards in technology for their GPS enabled Heads-up Display (HUD) for alpine goggles.  And now they’re prepared to take it to the next level.  Today they announced the release of their software development kit (SDK) for Android™, fully compatible with MOD Live.  This bold move will open their product to a new world of innovation.  Android™ developers will now be able to create exciting new apps for the company’s HUD technology. 

“We hope that launching our SDK will change the way people perceive the real-time information and HUD categories. As a company, we have embraced Android™ so we can give developers a familiar platform to create apps on, which will continue to drive innovation on our current and next generation HUDs” said Tyson Miller, Director of Online at Recon Instruments. “We are excited to see what is created following the launch our SDK at Google I/O. The RTP LiveView™ Android lifestyle application built by Active Network and launched in partnership with Recon at Google I/O really demonstrates what is possible.”

For more information, see the excerpt from the release and video below:

To celebrate the announcement of the HUD SDK’s public release – Recon Instruments has joined forces with Active
Network, the leader in cloud-based activity and participant management™ solutions, as its featured HUD app developer for MOD Live at Google I/O. The companies are unveiling a first-of-its kind demonstration of Active Network’s new RTP LiveView™ Android lifestyle app integrated with Recon’s HUD technology.

RTP LiveView technology is adapted from two of Active Network’s proven mobile platforms—RTP LivePass™ and RTP REALX. The LivePass platform offers information about snow and weather conditions for ski runs, GPS mapping and live destination information including lift availability, along with personalized touches such as social media integration, photo galleries, and up-to-the-second personal statistics. In addition, RTP REALX was used to create REALSKI™, the first Augmented Reality application designed to help guests navigate ski resorts. Currently available for over 100 North American ski resorts, Active Network’s patent-pending technology is being adapted to a new form factor to provide a unique navigation experience for users of MOD Live.

“We’re excited to be the first entrant in the new and transformative Augmented Reality and Heads-up Display space.
Active Network is committed to continuously push the limits of technology to innovate and enhance the consumer
experience across all lifestyle verticals,” said Darko Dejanovic, chief product technology and innovation office at Active Network. “Our LiveView HUD app for skiing and snowboarding represents another exciting development from Active Network for the global activities marketplace.”

Recon Instruments is encouraging new developers to be the first to build apps for HUD technology by offering ten
people the chance to become a Featured Developer Partner, with a further one hundred invited to become Developer Partners. Featured Partners will receive a free MOD Live to help build their apps, while Developer Partners will be offered MOD Live at 50% off retail price – $199.99. These partners will also receive direct support from Recon’s engineers, be granted access to beta releases of Recon’s software and latest developer tools, and will have their apps featured in the Recon App Center where customers will be able to purchase the first ever apps for HUD by fall 2012.

To apply for the HUD Developer Partner program please visit: