The Small Things That Count: The Feeling of First Snowfall

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 28, 2012 4:46 pm

In a society immersed in teams, athletes, and fans alike worrying about the economical side of sports, its nice to sit back once and a while and enjoy the small things that we love about our passions. For both skiers and snowboarders, this feeling comes tingling up the spine as soon as the beautiful sight of snow sticking to the ground takes hold. Its that rare feeling that you can remember from your childhood of building ramps and jumps with your friends, and then launching yourself off them, completely putting aside the fear of an injury that may ensue. 

For Bonfire and Salomon Video man Tanner Pendleton, this feeling came to him during a session one night with Bode Merrill. In this quick clip below, the crew makes a man-made little ramp off the side of the road, but its the small things that count for passionates like Tanner, Bode and the road-side squad. 

Slay Boredom: Bode Merrill from Salomon / Bonfire Snowboarding on Vimeo.

“I flew out to Denver, Colorado the day after Christmas to meet up with Bode Merrill, Chris Grenier, Andy Wright, and Gary Milton. Considering how dry this season was, I was happy just to see snow on the ground” tells the ecstatic Pendleton. “A lot of crazy stuff went down this trip—this isn’t one of those crazy things, it’s just a warm up.  But for me, this is always the best part of the session.”

On his ‘first snowfall feeling’, Tanner added “It’s the moment when you know it’s going to work.  It’s really exciting.  For anyone that’s ever built a ramp, rail, or jump—you know the feeling.   As soon as you know it’s going to work, your brain goes crazy.  You’re thinking of what you know you can do, what you might be able to do, what you want to do—and what you don’t want to do.  It’s really fun to watch someone as talented as Bode go through this process.  He makes it look really easy and always ends up doing something insane. “

For those who know that emotion that Tanner is talking about, he could not have said it any more perfect. From 5 to 95, if you have that passion for winter sports, this feeling is timeless. Not only does it keep the athletes young, it keeps the sport itself alive. It is really refreshing to see accomplished boarders such as these guys going back to the basics and showing that no matter how old you are, the spirit of the sport lives on. Whether it be making an igloo with friends, shredding up a jump you and your friends made at the end of the block, or flapping those wings to make snow angels, the feeling of first snowfall is definitely one of the greatest around.


Credit to Tanner Pendleton for the video clip of Bode Merrill.