Top Five Indoor Ski Resorts Across the Globe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 28, 2012 3:00 pm

We want to ski. We want to ski right now. Sorry summer, but we are having a difficult time enduring your barren season. The heat is driving us to consider what our winter selves would scoff at- indoor skiing and snowboarding. What’s the deal with these indoor ski slopes? Are they worth it? Of course they are! The only thing worse than no snow is no skiing. We have constructed a brief list of the top five places to get your indoor skiing on. If you’re willing to drop the mountain and drop some cash, you better not waste your time with the less chill places.

This article would not be complete without the ironic side note that all of these indoor ski resorts are located across the globe.  A more obvious solution would be to swap your Dubai plane ticket for a ticket to New Zealand.  It’s winter somewhere, friends. Of course, that would defeat the point of this list, so enjoy these resorts for the unique, cool, experience they provide!  Now you can ski anywhere, from the UK to the deserts of Dubai. Check these out!

 SnowWorldSnowWorld Logo

Our fifth place choice is SnowWorld in Langraaf, Holland. It has an impressive indoor ski area of 114,829 sqaure feet. Its longest run is 1,706 feet long and 82 feet wide. This is one of the largest ski areas, and it also offers an array of amenities, from buffets to fitness and wellness facilities.  



SnowHall Logo

In fourth place, Snowhall in Amneville, France offers an impressive 2,034 foot-length, 114 foot-wide slope. The complex was originally built for race training purposes, but is now mainly used by tourists. The main runway is commended for it’s size and quality.



SkiCentre Logo

Our third place pick is the Ski Centre located in Dublin, Ireland. We like this one because the slope is… never-ending? Rather than the conventional slope that stretches a certain distance, then ends, this slope is a constant moving conveyor belt, so technically it never ends. You could ride it all day without ever having to get on a chairlift. The slope also provides a mirror wall directly in front of you, providing instant performance feedback. This conveyor belt setting isn’t the most picturesque, but it is great for perfecting your skills. 



AlinCenter Logo

AlpinCenter in Bottrop, Germany claims second place because it is the longest indoor ski slope in the world at 2,100 feet long and 98 feet wide.  It offers a beginner slope, an advanced slope, and a terrain park.  



Ski Dubai Logo

Our top pick, first place for indoor skiing is Ski Dubai, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  It doesn’t boast the longest run, though it comes in close at 1,312 feet long and 262 feet wide, but it is the largest indoor ski park in the world, as well as the most luxurious. It is located within a lavish mall.  It hosts skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, a giant rolling ball that carries you off a ten foot ramp, and even a happy clan of Snow Penguins. What is not to like? Ski Dubai possesses what all good theme park rides provide- an entrancing atmosphere.  It’s the mountain-themed wintery setting and the nostalgia of the outdoors that entice us-  that and it’s a sweet escape from the scorching desert. The featured photo of this article provides a glimpse of the spacious interior of Ski Dubai. Our friend, Ali. Ghafelehbashi, a Dubai native who recently enjoyed the slopes of Ski Dubai a couple days ago, provided this statement, “Well I’d have to say the experience doesn’t beat skiing on the mountains where you have a breathtaking view and can actually feel nature in its frigid glory, but it definitely gives me the joy of being on a slope and whizzing down one. Besides I thinks it’s a great way to spend time with family no matter the season. Can you imagine walking into a ski slope on a boiling afternoon? It feels absolutely relieving, and fun.”

Pictures Courtesy of SnowWorld, Snowhall, Ski Centre, AlpinCenter, and Ski Dubai.