Sundance Adding New Ski Lift!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 29, 2012 3:24 pm

Located on the slopes of Mount Timpanogos in Sundance, Utah, Sundance Ski Resort has always been heavily oriented towards advanced skiing, with only three of the resort’s 41 trails marked “Easiest”. The mountain currently operates 3 chairlifts, however after 17 years, Sundance has agreed to add a new ski lift which will make getting around the mountain significantly easier. 

The as-yet-unnamed fixed grip quad will rise from the southeast corner of Sundance’s 300-vehicle overflow parking lot above the base area, eliminating the need for guests parked there to ride a shuttle bus to Ray’s Lift or ski down to the base of the Provo Canyon resort owned by film star Robert Redford.

“On busy days, when you have to wait for a shuttle, and maybe the first one’s full, it’s a hassle. It’s been my biggest challenge,” said Czar Johnson, director of Sundance’s mountain operations. ”It will serve guests interested in getting to the back mountain” with its expert skiing, he added, “and families will really appreciate it. If you’re up there with little kids, you can get them dressed in the parking lot, walk over to the lift and, boom, you’re on the mountain.”

Riders will exit the lift on the ridge where the Lower Maverick run begins. More advanced skiers can drop off the back side to Flathead lift to ride to the upper mountain. Others can do laps on Maverick or take a cat-track over to runs served by Ray’s Lift.

What was expected to take around 45 min to get to the backside, will now take 15 min from parking your car. The new lift substantially cuts time, and grants skiers and snowboarders more time on the runs. 

Chad Linebaugh, Sundance General Manager says, “the balance between preservation and progress has been respectfully considered in every development. We are pleased that the new lift fits within both of these frameworks as it adds access to existing terrain”.

Additionally with the new lift, Sundance will expand snowmaking coverage to include the Maverick run and its terrain park. 

The lift, new ticket booth, and snowmaking expansion is expected to cost over $2 million and should be ready in time for the 2012-13 ski and snowboard season.

The 2012-2013 winter season at Sundance looks like it’s going to be poppin’! So head over there this winter and hit the slopes with ease!