Team O’Neill Welcomes Brody Leven

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 3, 2012 3:57 am

O’Neill, the original Californian surf, snow, and lifestyle brand has added another member to its team. Team O’Neill consists of pro surfers, skiers, snowboarders, wakeboarders, kitesurfers, waterskiers, and windsurfers. Some notable skiers on the team include Jeremy Jones, Seb Toots, Janne Korpi, and more. Alongside these athletes, Brody Leven has just been added to the mix. 

24 year old Brody Leven is a ski mountaineer, adventurer, and writer who takes to his website to post videos, photos, and commentary on trips he’s taken all over the world. His site takes on a diary-like form to provide some insight on his crazy adventures.

According to Leven, “I spend my time thinking, buying plane tickets, kayaking, climbing, skiing, biking around the city, and writing.  The mountains bring out the life within me…”

From ages 9-19 Brody ran his own DJ company “Brody’s Xtreme Sounds”, where he played hundreds of shows, and made quite a good living for being so young. However nowadays, business and money are the last things on Brody’s mind, ”Money is just paper, and does not drive me.  I was very busine$$-minded at a young age, and my mobile DJ business allowed me financial freedom that few teenagers earn.  Now, while most of my peers are coming into their newly-acquired finance-minds, I am doing the polar opposite.”

Brody’s mind is still set on chasing winter and he intends to keep exploring the unknown in order to push the limits.

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