A Shout Out to Our Reliable Friend, ChapStick

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 7, 2012 3:30 pm

chapstick sand or snowPockets, pockets. Ski coats have secret pockets on the inside and fashionable pockets on the outside.Ski pants have another dozen or so. It takes a lot to fill them all up, not that you have some obligation to, but we’re curious what you carry on the slopes. We always bring ChapStick. Sometimes ChapStick doesn’t get enough credit for it’s valiant duty protecting our delicate lips from harsh sun rays.  As all skiers know well, snow is very reflective. Eye protection is crucial, but so is lip protection.  I once forgot my ChapStick. The next day I wasn’t sure if I was getting more ChapStick on my lips, or more lips on my ChapStick. ChapStick offers an overwhelming supply of flavor options. Ever since American physician Charles Browne Fleet had the crazy genius idea to create the world’s first lip balm in the 1800s, they have been rolling out more and more flavors, from Medicated to Flava-Craze. Our current obsession is LipShield360, specifically designed to provide ultimate protection from damaging UVA/UBV rays with SPF 50+. The promoters ask, “Are you sand or snow?” Snow! Other flavors boast fun taste sensations. ChapStick ‘s Facebook recently asked fans, “Which of these kisses sounds the best to you: a soft Strawberry kiss or a passionate Cherry kiss?” Well, it’s really difficult to kiss with goggles on, so we suggest sticking with the one that provides the most protection. What are your ChapStick preferences? Considering the 3.2 million ChapStick fans on Facebook, we’re guessing some of you ChapStick connoisseurs have an opinion.  

Photos courtesy of ChapStick and ShapStick’s Facebook Page.