Dad’s Playlist- Walkman Skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 11, 2012 4:40 pm

Dad has a saying, words passed down from his own father.  His mouth forms a snarky half smile as he claims, “The older you get, the wiser I become,” his point being, that as I get older, his wisdom should become more apparent to me.  As much as I hate to admit the validity of these words, I find another realization more troubling.  During his college years, Dad might have been, dare I say, cool.  Had I been a college student in the seventies, we might have been friends.  We might have hung out, listened to music, dressed in retro orange and bobbed our heads to Eric Clapton, but not the classic Eric Clapton we’re familiar with, the groovy lead guitarist in some band called Cream. What was life like for our ‘nifty’ parents? Would it have been so different, so terribly repulsive, or could we ‘feel Tha Funk’ and embrace that rad decade?

Unfortunately, Doc Brown never hit his head on the toilet. He never invented the flux capacitor, strapped it to a DeLorean and sent Marty McFly thirty years into the past, where he could befriend his parents’ younger selves and experience their crazy youth. Driving 88 miles per hour will not get you a time-traveling adventure, just a speeding ticket.  Without the flux capacitor, we will have to settle for something a little less extreme, music. Music can be powerful. It’s the reason we cry over old break-up songs, and feel empowered over the Rocky Theme Song.  It brings us back, reminds us of the times we first heard those ballads, and fills us with nostalgia. If you grew up in a skiing family, like myself, there is a very good chance your parents have a list of songs they enjoyed on the slopes. They skied in their tight jeans, and their neon windbreakers, jammin’ to their Walkmans and enjoying what could only have been a ‘far out’ time.  If you want to know what it was like to walk in your parents shoes, or rather ski in their old clunky ski boots, download their playlists and give their tunes a try. You never know, the impossible could happen, and their favorites could become your favorites.

Your parents probably have their own playlists, but here are my dad’s ideal song choices.  I’ve tired them, and they are totally copasetic.

For Moguls: Judas Priest- Electric Eye and  Credence Clearwater Revival- Fortunate Son

For Chairlift: Santana- Samba Pa Ti and John Mayall- So Hard to Share

For Groomed High Speed Runs: Deep Purple- Highway Star and Tom Petty- Out in the Cold

For Powder: Neil Young- Cinnamon Girl and Steppenwolf- Magic Carpet Ride

For Shooting through the Trees: Cream- Badge and Jethro Tull- Bouree