Limitless Winter- A Billionaire’s Checkbook

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 20, 2012 2:40 pm

You came into a little money, actually a lot of money. You are a billionaire. Congratulations on your successful career and keen understanding of the stock market.  You can now support your ski obsession to the fullest. Allow us to be your buying guide.

Ski Home Sotheby's Real EstateREAL ESTALE: Start by investing in resort homes on both hemispheres, making your life a powder party all year round.  For the Northern hemisphere, Park City, UT is definitely a good location. It’s a cool little ski town at the base of a sensational mountain resort.  Utah gets some of the best powder in the world.  Sotheby’s International Reality has this property marked for $19 million.  The spa, library, home theater, and private elevator are nice, but our favorite amenity is the ski-in/ski-out capability. Rad!  

For you Southern hemisphere resort home we recommend flying over to New Zealand, and purchasing this pleasant Luxury Real Estate $2 million abode in Queenstown, and by abode, we mean beautiful mansion.  These estates are luxurious and classy. Wanaka Ski Home

Granted, you will want the season passes to Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley, and Canyons, all located in Park City, as well as Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude, located in Salt Lake (45 min drive), and lastly, you will want season passes to all five resorts in the Queenstown area.  After a few years you might not need all twelve season passes, as you decide on a few favorite resorts, or you might never decide. It’s fun to play mountain shuffle. Why settle?

Bode Miller Helmet



HELMET: Finding the coolest helmet out there is no problem- it’s easily Bode Miller’s autographed helmet from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the very helmet he wore when he won his gold, silver and bronze metals.  It sold on eBay for over $8,000- all profits went to his long-time friend, and now cancer survivor, Pam Warman.  A hardcore race helmet with an autograph across the forehead might be a little ostentatious, so you should buy a second, casual helmet. The Smith Optics Variant Brim Helmet is an awesome helmet that continues to receive great reviews, certainly one of the best.  It offers sleek, comfortable, light features- light shell, ventilation technology, fit system, 22 vents for the perfect temp, performance lining, snap fit ear pads, a removable goggle lock, and a Bluetooth audio system.  Even for non-billionaires, this helmet is actually a reasonable price at about $160, depending on the retailer. 

Zeal Optics SPPX TRA GogglesGOGGLES: Why use regular goggles when you can afford Zeal Optics SPPX TRA Goggles?  They have full GPS capabilities, with an LCD display mounted inside the goggle. If Tony Stark were a skier, these would certainly be his goggles of choice. Their interface is very similar to that found in his Iron Man suit.  The goggles offer real time stats, speed, altitude, vertical odometer, a stopwatch, Google map overlay, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, among other remarkable qualities, like impressive polarization and a USB charger for computer download. This item is actually frightening.  Will their power be used for good or evil?  Drop  $500.

Arc'teryx Men's Fission SL JacketJACKET: Arc’teryx is a fantastic brand.  They always warrant high reviews for their quality gear. Another favorite is Marmot.  It’s hard to go wrong with these brands.  The Arc’teryx Men’s Fission SL Jacket received 46 reviews on; almost every single review awarded the jacket five out of five stars.  It is the lightest of the Arc’teryx waterproof line-up, and yet it still keeps you warm and dry.  It offers a simple, sleek design. You can purchase yours for $700. 

Carradan Ski Model

SKIS/BOARD: What is the ideal ski life with out the ideal skis? We searched far and wide for the best equipment out there. However, it happens to depend on your skiing preferences.  Are you a powder man, or a racer? Do you spend your day in park or on groomed terrain? You need twin tips for crazy park maneuvers, and wider skis for powder. One’s ski/snowboard equipment is a very personal and very dependent on their ski style.  Rather than going through all potential options, we will just throw down one of the most expensive skis ever made. We are certainly not claiming that these are the best simply because they are so expensive. We really just find their price intriguing, and want to see if there is real quality behind all the zeros.  Carradan skis are priced somewhere between $12,000 and $19,000.  The Diamonback model is designed to excel in virtually all terrain conditions, from fast groomed runs to powder.  We don’t know if these claims are true, but it would take a billionaire to find out. 

photos courtesy of Sotheby’s Real Estate, Luxury Real Estate New Zealand, Carradan