Bonfire’s 15th Annual Pipe to Pipe Concludes at Mt. Hood

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 23, 2012 2:30 pm

The summer is normally used to enjoy the great weather, play sports outdoors and take a break to relax. Windells Camp at Mt. Hood and other riders embraces the snow in the summer time, when most people in the Northern Hemisphere don’t have it. While these riders could be on the coasts enjoying the surf, they are at over 11,000 feet in Northern Oregon having fun on the powder. In fact, it’s the only spot in the US with not only the snowpack, but also the resources to provide you with everything you need for three months of world-class park riding.

Bonfire's Pipe to Pipe - Snowboarding Shot

Photo Credit to Mike Yoshida of Snowboarder Magazine.

This past Saturday was Bonfire Snowboarding’s Annual Pipe to Pipe on the mountain. This is the 15th year of the event. The Pipe to Pipe is the longest-running summer snowboard contest in history. Over 100 competitors lined up the Windells lane. The course built included a giant bowl running parallel with the strip of snow sat before them, littered with bonks, pole jams, hips, and one gigantic spine with a hitching post-style rail atop it that ran the length of the bowl. A variety of tricks came from snowboarders like Jaeger Bailey, Justin Fronius, Kohei Kudo, Teddy Koo, Erik Leon, and Mike Ravelson to name a few. 

Pipe to Pipe Photo - Skateboarding shot

Photo Credit to Oli Gagnon of Snowboarder Magazine

After the finals, everyone on-hill headed down to the Windells campus for the skate jam portion of the event. When the skate jam was all over, the winners were announced and the crowd piled out.

Photos and information on the event came from Snowboarder Magazine.



Amatuer Men

1. Dominic Balarcho
2. Austin Evergingham
3. Herman Neal
Grom Award: Sean Fitzimons

Professional Men

1. Erik Leon
2. Sawyer Dean 
3. Jesse Paul 
Honorary ripper: Jager Bailey

Am Women

1. Livia Molodyh
2. Caitlin Kelly
3. Naima Antolin

Pro Women

1. Jessica Jenson
2. Mary Rand
3. Sarah Gail

Industry Division

1. Bobby Meeks
2. Ami Votuleinen
3. Preston Strout

Bonfire's Pipe to Pipe - 2nd Snowboarding Shot

Photo Credit to Oli Gagnon of Snowboarder Magazine.


Men 15 and under

1. Jake Selover
2. Kyle Ward
3. Sean Fitzimmons

Men 16 and over

1. Jordan Small
2. Nick Kenny
3. Donovan Lawler

Pro Men

1. Mason Merlino 
2. Danny Tumia
3. Chad Fenelin

Am Women

1. Laura Rogoski
2. Brooke Geery
3. Mary Rand

Pro Women

1. Justice Tabor
2. Livia Mulodiah
3. Traci Green