Share All Your Personal Skiing Stats Through Alpine Replay App

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 28, 2012 8:30 pm

AlpineReplayLogoAfter a long day on the slopes you kick it in the hot tub with a cold drink, laughing at your friend’s goofy goggle burn and reliving your sickest runs. “Man, I must have been going like 60 at the bottom of chair three.” “Naw dude, I doubt if you hit 40.” It’s his word against yours. If only there were a way to prove yourself, to whip out your stats and baffle your friends with solid proof. “There’s an app for that!”

Actually, there are multiple apps for that, but none quite like AlpineReplay, the most impressive mountain app we’ve seen. It’s extremely well designed, user friendly, accurate, and to put it simply, beautiful. This app measures speed, airtime, vertical, distance, and even Calories on any mountain in the world, among other useful data. It could actually redefine ski resort management. We know, lofty statement, but AlpineReplay is more than a fun way to keep track of your ski season; it’s a way for resorts to keep track of their clientele, and that is powerful. AlpineReplay is collecting a whole lot of data, from how skiers and snowboarders utilize lifts and crowds, to which parks can boast most overall airtime or best lift time to distance ratio. How they will choose to ultimately use this data is uncertain, but there is power in statistics, especially if the app gains more users this upcoming season, which is likely considering it is free, and it is excellent- two adjectives that rarely describe one entity.  It also has another factor going for it, a factor Mark Zuckerberg recognized in the creation of Facebook: people love to share with their friends, social networking. This app allows people to share their fastest runs on Facebook and Twitter, or post their airtime for a given day or season.  All their statistics are available for presentation. It’s like a continuation of the hot tub conversation, but way more legit. You can keep track of your friends on the app itself, or compare yourself to the fastest guy on the hill.  You can even challenge your friends with timed race stats and virtual 3D reenactments, or freestyle comparisons based on who reaches the most air or vertical feet. It’s all there, and it’s all available for your use. The app also utilizes a fun point system, as well as rewards medals for certain achievements, like logging more than three hours on the slopes, hitting the slopes before 9am or surpassing more than 50,000 vertical feet.  

Who can we thank for this brilliant ski companion? Dr. Anatole Lokshin and David Lokshin. Dr. Anatole Lokshin was the CTO and VP of Magellan Navigation, where he’s been developing GPS and sensor algorithms since 1993. He’s to credit for the app’s superior data processing technology and data accuracy. David Lokshin is a snowboarder enthusiast and Harvard graduate with an AB in Applied Mathematics. They form the perfect team for the perfect ski app. Download the app for your iPhone or Android and give it a try. Just hit play and let it run all day, then check your stats on your phone and online account at closing.  You can be impressed with yourself, and the slick design technology of the Lokshins.

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All photos courtesy of AlpineReplay.