Team Evolution Training Camps Offer Elite Ski Instruction in the UK and Austria

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 2, 2012 8:30 pm

Team Evolution is a dream come true for kids aspiring to develop as World Class alpine skiers.   This intense program helps athletes to achieve elite sporting goals, as well as learn valuable life skills- from working hard and striving for improvement, to fully appreciating the sport. The program strives to maintain three goals, as quoted directly from Team Evolution:

  • To ensure that an athlete has the best possible opportunity to achieve their personal goals, with each decision made “In Pursuit Of Excellence.”
  • To develop healthy, focused and intelligent athletes that are able to adapt to a variety of situations and learn from each and every one.
  • To support athletes in all aspects of their sporting development, whilst using sport to help educate them in other areas of their lives (focus, work hard, progress in multiple areas of development…etc.)

Specific programs aim to provide unique training opportunities for three separate training groups- mini’s, children, and junior racers.  These programs mean business and can vary in length from a minimum of ten weeks to a full-time basis over several years.  The Team Evolution facility in St. Johann im Pongau (in the Providence of Salzburg in Austria) can house up to 24 athletes and 12 staff at one time.  Athletes have access to over 85 different training areas within a 90-minute drive. Trainees also follow a daily academic program, with classrooms, libraries, sports halls, gyms and outdoor training facilities, all within a five minute walk from housing. This is seriously living the dream- to be a kid with this opportunity, unbelievable.

Team Evolution states, “Being part of Team Evolution is about achieving your individual goals as an athlete, within a safe, enjoyable and competitive environment, whilst still having the support to develop fully as a person.”

For skiers looking to progress further in the sport, but who are not yet ready or able to commit to the incredible full time Austrian adventure, Team Evolution provides “Open Training Camps” that range from a single day to week long residential camps that take place during the summer months in indoor training centers in Hemel and Manchester, UK. This allows skiers that are not part of the Team Evolution Program to still train alongside some of the UK’s best athletes and coaches.  

A leading sports broadcaster, Exclusive Sports Media (EMS), posted this video of Team Evolution today. It features trainees enjoying the summer sessions of the Ski Centre in Hemel Hempstead, UK. Check it out! Think any of these little British athletes might be future Olympians? 

photo courtesy of Team Evolution open camps