Remembering 9/11

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 11, 2012 8:30 pm

Today marks the eleven year anniversary of one of the most tragic events in American history. The memorial site where the Twin Towers once stood was filled today exclusively with family and friends of those that were lost in the attacks. Many said that the cloudless skies were eerily similar to that fateful day over a decade ago, and added to the emotional solemnity of the commemorative occasion.

“Clear days like this brings you right back eleven years ago,” said John Darcy, a New York City firefighter who works in a Greenwich Village firehouse that lost seven men at the World Trade Center. “The only thing you can do is keep them in your memories”.

A somber moment of silence was held, and a bell was struck at the exact minute that the planes had collided with the buildings. Family members read the names of the deceased one by one, a task that took over three hours to complete. Both Obama and Romney took down political ads in order to pay respect to those who perished, and neither one was appointed the task of reading off the victims’ names.

Despite the controversy that America is going through with the struggling economy and political arguing, a day like this brings us together as one.  It still hurts to look back on those events, and it always will, especially for those who lost their loved ones. We have to recognize that they were more than just victims of 9/11; they were mothers, fathers, sisters, husbands, sons and daughters. They were innocent people with real lives, and stories, hopes and dreams, taken away in a horrific way that cannot be ignored. Their memory will forever be in our hearts, and we will never forget. 

The Ski Channel pays its gratitude to all the first responders and loyal servicemen and women that dedicated their lives to building a stronger, more unified community.