Endeavor Soars One Last Time

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 21, 2012 6:02 pm

Today Californians saw a rare sight as the space shuttle Endeavor moved through the sky. The shuttle made its way from northern California to the south atop a modified 747, and flew as low as 1,500 before landing at Los Angeles International Airport.

 The shuttle took off from Edwards Air Force Base earlier today, and continued to circle around the Bay area and Sacramento before heading in the direction of Los Angeles for its last victory lap.

 The sight had everyone captivated; the 105 freeway was at a dead stop as drivers got out of their vehicles to get a better look.

“This gives you goose bumps, man,” said Terry Hughes, 72, a retired Boeing engineer who spent his career working on wind tunnel tests for the shuttle. “The same goose bumps I had when I saw it land for the first time.”

The final journey of Endeavor spanned over California’s major landmarks. It was seen from the Queen Mary, flying by the Hollywood sign, and even Disneyland. It also passed over the NASA facilities and factories where it began its life as a design. It was truly an unforgettable flight.

Endeavor flies photo @Jason Alexander: The Ski Channel

Endeavor flies photo @Jason Alexander: The Ski Channel