Ski Film Review: “Choose Your Adventure”, Powderwhores New Film, Hits Home

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 18, 2012 12:25 pm

When it comes to ski films, there are few examples that are able to successfully articulate a deeper meaning, something for the audience to digest and, perhaps, utilize in their own lives. For “Choose Your Adventure”, a Powderwhore Productions film, this isn’t the case. In an age where media and movies have become stale, Powderwhore Productions has created an adventure-film masterpiece featuring backcountry ski bums, freestyle professionals and everyday thrill seekers. 

“Choose Your Adventure” takes us on a tour of the world’s most eccentric locations— abandoned towns in Norway’s Arctic Circle, the Chilean Cerro Castillo and serene British Columbia bush. It also highlights the unique characters who visit each area, or by chance, call it home. From the Provo brothers shredding in Chile to people like Bob Athey who spend their days reading snow and gliding through the Wasatch backwoods, this movie features an array of personalities who are all writing their own stories in snow.    

What was also impressive about this film is how they made the best of the underwhelming 2011/12 ski season. In a winter where snowfall reached near record lows and unstable avalanche conditions endangered backcountry adventurers, the Powderwhore crew scored. Traveling local and abroad, the powderwhores featured in this film found deep powder, remote wilderness and helped us discover their true inspiration behind a sport that has been become a passion. 

This film challenges us all to push our limits. It dives into the lives of eccentric, ski loving individuals who have chosen their own path, encouraging us to forge our own as well. Watch it. love it. live it.

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Well, enjoy!


Powderwhore Productions are already in the midst of a nation-wide film tour. If you’d like to find out when “Choose Your Own Adventure” is going to be playing in a town near you, head over to You can look forward to a great film, and an opportunity to hand out with your fellow adventure enthusiasts.