Destination: Mammoth (5 of 5)

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 25, 2012 5:20 pm

The final segment of Destination: Mammoth shows us the dedication and hard work the Mammoth Ski Patrol puts in to assuring the
safety of their skiers/snowboarders.

Mammoth Ski Patrol’s Chuck Megivern and Joe Magajna takes us in to show us how they make sure that the mountains are safe to ride. Chuck, a Gunner on the Howitzer gives us a demonstration on how to test the mountains for avalanche safety. He shoots rounds into Juevos Grande to simulate what could possibly set off a potential avalanche.

Sean Macedonio, and Scott Quirsfeld, members of the Mammoth Rescue Dog Team explains what goes into training a dog for avalanche rescue and demonstrates by placing a volunteer in a manmade snow pocket and buries him. Next, they let their dog loose to search for the buried volunteer, which is a success.

Lastly, Dan Hansen, Mammoth Mountain PR Manager shows us how to end a perfect day on the mountain by relaxing in the Wildwood Hot Springs having a beer with friends.