You Wanted Weather? Well You Got It!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 29, 2012 2:00 pm

While there is a bunch of snow hitting on the West Coast, the East Coast is currently being pounded by one of, if not the worst storm to ever hit the United States!

Immense flooding, beyond powerful winds, and even some snow is hitting the entire east coast as we speak. Thousands of evacuations and power outages have been reported as Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit land in certain areas, whereas it has already struck landfall in other areas, like Maryland, for example. West Virginia and numerous counties in North Carolina have issued a State of Emergency as Hurricane Sandy approaches landfall all along the East Coast.

Hurricane Sandy NY Damage

As of right now, Hurricane Sandy is reported to hit land in New Jersey in about one hour from now. Over 750,000 are currently without power right now in seven states, with about 220,000 of those coming from both New York and New Jersey, each. 

Cape May, NJ Damage

In addition, over 12,000 flights have been cancelled due to this weather. Other transportation notifications include stoppages of bus transportation and subways, which has created a huge dilemma in New York. Hurricane Sandy has, thus far claimed 69 lives in Caribbean countries, including 51 in Haiti.

Please pay attention to LIVE updates on all major news stations and news websites in order to properly prepare, although it is time for action, due to the fast movement of this horrifying hurricane!

Be safe!