Ted Davenport Flies Through the “Crack” in Switzerland

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 2, 2012 12:18 pm

Ted Davenport has done it again! If you don’t know the Dav, you don’t know what you’re missing! He is a world renowned Wingsuit BASE jumper. The brother of Chris Davenport, one of the biggest big mountain skiers in the world, Ted was featured in The Ski Channel’s documentary film, Winter. Watch Ted Davenport as he accomplishes yet another amazing wingsuit flight, this time in Switzerland.

Ted and his flying buddy, Rami Kajala fly well over 5,000 feet in the air and make it through a 3-dimensional rock structure known as the “Crack.” When asked about his trip to Switzerland, Davenport said that this was the “most memorable jump of the trip.” He added, “We also climbed the west face of the Eiger, and jumped the infamous mushroom. This is a classic high alpine swiss base jump, about 4,000 feet of vert from exit to opening. It’s actually a fairly easy hike, and the jump is only as technical as you want to make it.”

 The Crack Path for Crack Flight














The biggest challenge for Ted was to stay 100% healthy, since if you hadn’t heard, he had a skiing accident last year where he suffered a broken left leg and right heel during the World Heli Challenge in New Zealand. This made the jump through the “Crack” that much more technical to ensure that he wouldn’t get injured while BASE jumping, a far more dangerous event than skiing.