Powderchaser Forecast: 50 Degree Temperature Drop & Up to 2 Feet of Snow Expected in Many Areas of the West

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 8, 2012 1:32 pm

Since my last post earlier in the week all cards are coming together for a major winter storm especially for northern Montana (15-20 inches) Wasatch range of northern Utah (18-25 inches) and to a slightly lesser degree for the San Juans (14-18), and Central Colorado (8-12).  The Sierra will pick up 7-12 tonight and another 4-8 over the next several days.  There will be a 50 degree temperature drop from yesterdays highs and this storm will start out with medium density snow turning rapidly to blower with the arctic air. We love Blower snow however for base building it is not our best pick for November. The good news is that it will be deep and temperatures will stay cold.

powderchasers map

Rockies:   The Wasatch will begin to see light snow on Friday morning turning heavy by afternoon and continuing through the night.  Snow will continue light to moderate through Saturday night under cold NW flow and favor all areas in the Northern Wasatch especially Little Cottonwood Canyon. Expect storm totals in the 18-25 inch range. The Tetons are not favored by NW flow however expect 7-10 inches with higher amounts near Grand Targhee on the West side of the pass.  Colorado will see light snow in the San Juan’s as early as Friday morning and turn heavy after 8PM into Saturday morning under SW flow (11-15- Silverton, Wolf Creek Crested Butte).  The Central Colorado Mountains pick up light snow along I-70 by Saturday morning turning heavier with the winds from the NW by 11AM.  Steamboat, Beaver Creek, and Vail will do well under NW flow.  By 11AM  Saturday moderate to heavy snow will be falling over I-70 into Summit County and continue into the evening (6-10).   All areas along the Front Range will end up seeing snow by Saturday afternoon.

The Chase?  

Friday- Northern Sierra (expect 7-10 fresh in the AM still snowing lightly). North Central Montana- (11-18 of cold smoke powder).

Saturday- (Wasatch of Utah- 12-15 new by morning and snowing moderately). San Juan’s of Colorado (9-12 new and snowing lightly).

Saturday PM- I-70 corridor from Vail, Summit County, Steamboat, Winter Park (snowing heavily).

Sunday- I-70 (Light snow but beware that most areas will groom the heck out of it).

Get out and enjoy the powder but beware of the hazards under the light density snow!

Powderchaser Steve