U.S.Womens Team Sprint Makes Progress in FIS World Cup in Liberec

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 16, 2013 11:19 am

It was a powerful freestyle team sprint by the U.S. Women’s ski event in Liberec, Czech Republic on Sunday, January 13th. Americans Sadie Bjornsen and Ida Sargent remained towards the front of the pack for a majority of the race and finished 7th strongly. Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg and Maiken Caspersen Falla from Norway claimed 1st place. 

Freestyle team sprint in Liberec

The sun highlights skiers in the freestyle team sprint in Liberec |Photo: Getty Images/AFP-Michal Cizek

The Women’s U.S. team might not have made the podium but they have made extreme progress since last year. Sadie Bjornsen had nothing but an optimistic response of the event, “Today was very exciting for Ida and I. Last year we teamed up for a team sprint at this same time in Milan and finished 14th. This year we were able to ski in the mix and spend a large portion of time in the front of the back. 95% of the race we were skiing around third and fourth place, so it is a huge day for Ida and, of course, U.S. Ski Team depth without Kikkan, Jessie, Liz and Holly here. The course was quick and tough, with little recovery between tag-off's, so it was a day to dig deep and work hard”.

Likewise, Sadie Bjornsen acknowledged the extreme effort and resilience of the team, “It was a fun day on a short but hard 850 meter course. Laps were taking less than two minutes so it was fast and exciting racing. A year ago in Milan, Sadie and I raced together and barely hung on the back of our semifinal heat. So it was a big improvement to make the final despite a broken pole and then to hang with the leaders for most of the race. I didn't have much left for the finishing sprint but otherwise a great day. Sadie skied super well all day and it was awesome to race with her”. 

The Men’s freestyle team sprint was dominated by Russia’s Nikolay Morilov and Mikhail Devjatiarov. One U.S. team consisted of Andy Newell who placed 6th in the individual classic sprint and Simi Hamilton who placed 13th in the combined sprint. Fresh to the World Cup was the American pair Erik Bjornsen and Skyler Davis who placed 27th. 

Check out the World Cup in the next stop at La Clusaz, France for more surprises from the U.S. Team!


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