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Posted By: Freeride Chronicles on January 18, 2013 11:56 am

Stop number #2 on our Powder Highway Adventure brings us to the small community of Meadow Creek British Columbia home to White Grizzly Adventures. This small, boutique cat skiing operation is owned by Brad and Carole Karafil who’s passion for powder skiing drew them to open up White Grizzly 15 years ago. White Grizzly is a down home, friendly kinda place which runs their base of operations out of a comfortable, custom built log lodge. It’s here that you and your posse of riders get recharged each night with incredible family style meals and comfortable rooms. Enough about the digs, after all aren’t we all here for the riding?  

Day #1-Let’s start this off with waking up to one foot of fresh for our first day and plenty of  open glades and features to play on. We already had a few goods days under belts so our Freeride Chronicles posse was ready to put our Rossignol Super 7’s to work. I’ve been on quite a few skis over the years and these Rossi’s hold up to anything, especially slaying DEEP pow.

Our Guide Dave Osborne took us into some sweet, steep trees with plenty of little poppers to get that weightless feeling. Gotta love a guide who loves to shred! Day one was definitely a memorable start to our White Grizzly Adventure!

Day 2-8:30am Heading up in the cat, we make a quick stop at the weather plot and just when you think it can’t get any better, BOOM it does, we were graced with another foot of fresh overnight and temps in the low teens. This type of news definitely got the juices flowing as we approached our first drop off point, Boo Boo. After the second turn into it you knew you were in for a special treat as that legendary Kootenay Cold Smoke billowed over your head! Yeah it billowed and billowed all day long making for one continual Face shot.

On this day it seemed anything was possible as our group of 40+ year olds lined up over some fun drops. I had to keep reminding myself, you don’t get hurt in the air! Some landings were better than others but when you have hero snow like this, you just gotta let er’ buck!

By 2pm we were starting to feel it in the legs, but we still had another hour to go. Much to Cameraman Vance Shaw’s delight it was time to put down the camera and just shred! Amazing what a couple of hot laps in the pow will do for one’s soul.

This is as good as it gets according to Desiree Leipham one of our skiers, “this was the best snow I’ve ever skied”. White Grizzly Adventures, thanks for serving it up so nice.

You can bet we’ll be back to White Grizzly Adventures for some more of that legendary Kootenay Cold Smoke!

Next stop were heading to where Snowcat skiing originated.

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