X Games Aspen 2013: Athlete Lineup

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 24, 2013 10:34 am

It’s the epic time of the year for athletes to dominate and push the limits a little more in the 2013 X Games in Aspen.These snow-savvy superheros constantly surprise our finite minds with more possibilities through the absolutely insane stunts they do on a daily basis.Be prepared to have your minds blown away again with athletes such as Shaun White, Forest Bailey, Nate Holland, Torstein Horgmo, Roz Groenewoud and Heath Frisby in this year’s X Games in Aspen of 2013.

Snowmobile X Games

Heath Frisby pulls off the first front flip in history | Photo: xgames.com

Shaun White is back this year to dominate Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe.When we all thought it was impossible that White could get any better, we were wrong.Last year he was the first in X Games history to achieve a perfect score of 100 in a run.He claimed his 5th consecutive gold medal and is here to make it his 6th.Not to mention, he was the first to land a frontside double cork 1260 in competition in 2012.

Torstein Horgmo is living proof that you don’t have to win gold to be a winner at the X Games.Last year, he pulled off the first triple cork 1440 with a perfect score of 50.His combined runs resulted in a silver medal but he had bigger things in mind. 

X Games Aspen 2013

Welcome to the 2013 X Games in Aspen | Phot

o: xgames.com

Noteworthy athlete Roz Groenewoud, won the first gold medal in Women’s Ski SuperPipe since the death of professional ski-sensation, Sarah Burke.Groenewoud, also known as “Roz G”, dedicated her medal to her close friend and teammate and recognized her victory with the help of her departed friend Sarah Burke.The influence of athletes like Sarah Burke is everlasting, even after they are no longer here.  

Keep your eyes open for Nate Holland in Men’s Snowboarder X finals who has won over 9 medals; 5 of those medals were consecutive wins from 2006 to 2010.It seems he is unstoppable when it comes to finishing on the podium. 

X Games 2013 Aspen

 Photo: xgames.com

When it comes to death-defying stunts, Heath Frisby showed us what it’s like to land a front flip on a snowmobile for the first time in history.Frisby claimed the Snowmobile Best Trick of 2012 with a nearly perfect score of 96.66.The inevitable danger of being crushed by a heavy snowmobile did not phase him which makes him a real athlete. 

Rookie Forest Bailey, who is known mostly for film parts such as the Givin crew's 2011 film “One”, proved his spot in the X Games and won gold in the Snowboard Street Final.His insane tricks were just as awesome as his skills on film.The highlight of the finals was his 270 to frontside on the cargo container.It seems that anything is possible at the X Games. 

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