Fun in France at FWT

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 26, 2013 11:41 pm

Snowboarder Jonathan Charlet, a French local rider, marked his territory on Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France in the Men’s Snowboard Swatch Freeride World Tour by the Northface for the 3rd stop on January 26th. Charlet’s smooth line and clean 360 amongst other tricks resulted in a score of 90.66 and 1st place position. Jonathan Chalet remarked on his ride, “I am very happy with my run. I felt a lot of pressure this morning competing at home with all my friends and family coming to see me. I competed here three years ago and rode a similar line. I stomped my airs and felt my run was fluid. Even more importantly, I had a lot of run riding”. Following Charlet in 2nd place was Ralph Backstrom from Squaw Valley, USA who finished strong with a score of 88.00. Backstrom is currently in the overall lead for the Men’s Snowboard FWT. 23-year-old Sammy Luebke (USA) finished 3rd with a score of 76.33 after a ridiculous run full of speed and power. 

FWT 2013

Beautiful bombs from the sky | Photo: J.Bernard

Washington ski local Drew Tabke, is on a roll with a previous 1st place in the Revelstoke competition, he charged with the same effort in the Mont Blanc fall line with technical style and speed. Tabke received an impressive score of 91.67 after landing a 360 in a critical section which placed him first in Chamonix and 1st in the overall division for the FWT Men’s Ski. Tabke stated, “It is a huge honor for me to win this stop in Chamonix as this is such a special part of the Freeride World Tour and a lovely place to be. I'm so lucky to win because the level of the skiers this winter is outstanding”. Austria’s Fabio Studer pulled off a huge 720 which put him in 2nd place with a score of 87.00 while Wille Lindberg from Sweden finished strong in 3rd. 

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Overall FWT Women’s Ski Champ of 2012 Christine Hargin from Sweden has risen to the occasion again with another finish in 1st place along with her victory in Revelstoke.This determined athlete is unstoppable when it comes to taming the highest peaks. Hargin gushed, “I'm very happy with my run and the first place on the podium! I was riding exactly the line I wanted. The competitive level amongst the girls is very high and I have to try hard to win. I'm looking forward for Kirkwood”.

FWT 2013

Chamonix Mont Blanc at it's finest | Photo:

Delayed flights, lost luggage and lack of sleep on arrival of the FWT within hours is what USA’s Laura Dewey encountered. Despite her misfortunate experiences, Dewey impressively persevered with borrowed snow gear and won 1st place with a smooth run and score of 70.00. Laura Dewey exclaimed, “It is unbelievably awesome to have won today’s competition and I am so happy to be here in Chamonix. Although I have only been here a short while I am having such a fantastic time here and look forward to enjoying these prolific mountains”.


FWT Final 2013 results:

Ski Men

1. Drew Tabke – USA

2. Fabio Studer – AUT

3. Wille Lindberg – SWE

Snowboard Men

1. Jonathan Charlet – FRA

2. Ralph Backstrom – USA

3. Sammy Luebke – SUI

Ski Women

1. Christine Hargin – SWE

2. Nadine Wallner – AUT

3. Pia Nic Gundersen – NOR

Snowboard Women

1. Laura Dewey – USA

2. Margot Rozies – FRA

3. Aline Bock – GER